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Welcome! Health Services is committed to providing confidential, safe, and compassionate care to all registered SPU students.

Health news

Flu shots

Flu shots for the 24-25 season will be available early Oct 2024.

Meningitis vaccination is highly recommended for college-age students as meningitis is a very infectious and potentially deadly illness that can be easily spread living in community settings. Talk to your primary care provider about meningitis vaccination options prior to your arrival on campus. There are two types of meningitis vaccine(MCV4 and MenB). MCV4 is routinely given in childhood, while MenB is an optional vaccine. MenB is the strain that has caused most of the meningitis outbreaks on college campuses in the recent past and is therefore recommended in addition to MCV4. Please refer to the Meningitis information sheet (PDF) and talk with your primary care provider about meningitis vaccination options.

Clinic Closure Dates

Health Services will be closed on the following Spring quarter holidays:  

Mon May 27th for Memorial Day

Health Services is closed for appointments during Summer break (June 8th-Sept 29th). Please see our website for answers to frequently asked questions. Emails and voicemails will be answered within 3-5 business days during summer closure.

If you need health care assistance during a closure, please click "In Case of Medical Emergency" in the left navigation bar above to find a list of local Urgent Care clinics and hospitals.


About Health Services

We provide a range of services for both acute and chronic health issues including treatment of infections, sprains/strains, immunizations, laboratory testing, sexual and reproductive health, and mental health conditions.

We are located on the first floor of Watson Hall alongside the Student Counseling Center in our newly merged lobby now collectively called Student Counseling Health & Wellness (SCHW). SCHW is open weekdays only. See our clinic hours information and how to access care when Health Services is closed.   

Our mission

To empower students to take responsibility for their health and to complement Seattle Pacific University’s academic mission by providing health services that are accessible, enable students to thrive, and result in a healthy campus environment. 

Have a question?

Contact Health Services with health-related questions by phone, email, or through our Secure Messaging portal. These methods of communication are not monitored on weekends, holiday closures or after clinic hours.


Be Well. Do Well.

Request for records

Need a copy of your medical records (e.g., a copy of your immunization or screening histories)? We need a signed, written request on file. Here’s how to make a request.

Meningitis information sheet

What’s meningitis and how can you lower your risk? Check out this brief Meningitis Info Sheet. (PDF)